You’ve dedicated your lives to protect us. Now let us help protect your future.

Today’s economic climate has made it evident that far too many Americans have over extended themselves financially, without planning for the possibility of a recession.

Debt has consumed us…personal debt, foreclosure and bankruptcy are at an all time high…saving is at a all time low.

Priority Pay Plus restructures the way you pay your debt obligation and gets you out of debt years sooner!

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PriorityPay Plus…Your Path to Financial Freedom



Freedom Mortgage has all loan products available to help with all your financing needs.  Including Purchase, Refinance, FHA/VA Loans, Reverse Mortgage, Second Home, Investment Property, and more.

Freedom Mortgage offers the National Law Enforcement Home Loan Program for all PBA Members retired or working.

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For personal and/or business rentals when making a reservation, just mention the AVIS Worldwide Discount number (AWD) G726400 and save up to 25%.

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For specials savings and discounts every time you rent, use the Budget Customer Discount number (BCD) Z858100.

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