Maglite Replacement Bulb



Fits in the Maglite RE1019, RX1019, RN1019, RE1016, RX1016, RN1016, RE2019, RX2019, RN2019, RE3019, RX3019, RN3019, RE4019, RX4019, RN4019 

Manufacturer part number: LR00001, 107-000-437

NSN: 6240-01-373-6417

This new 51,700 candlepower bulb is more efficient AND brighter than it’s predecessor You can tell if you have the new bulb by looking at the ‘arms’ holding the filament. If your bulbs ‘arms’ are bent at a 90 degree angle you have the new bulb. If your bulbs ‘arms’ are straight you have the old version.

Lumen rating: 221 lumens


Download MagCharger lamp replacement instructions 
(you must have Adobe Reader).