Rechargeable Maglite RX1019



Adjustable, Compact Flashlight Provides Limitless Uses
Whether you’re setting up a tent after sunset, checking under the hood of your car, or simply trying to make your way through the house during a power outage, the MagCharger gives you security and peace of mind.

Easy to operate, the rechargeable flashlight can be adjusted to tight spot or wide-angle flood: just give the head a quarter turn to select the amount of light you need.

The MagCharger flashlight measures just 12.75 inches and weighs only 31 ounces with battery pack (included), which means it’s compact and lightweight enough to fit under you arm for hands-free use. It can also be mounted on a tabletop or wall–without taking up too much space.

Recharges for Long-Lasting Light when You Need It
If you’ve ever reached for your flashlight in the dark, only to find that its batteries were dead, then you’ll appreciate just how useful the MagCharger can be. Just rest the flashlight on the included 360-degree, easy-mount charging ring when not in use, and you’ll always have light when you need it.

The MagCharger provides 40,000 candlepower and provides two hours of operation per charge, which means it’s 33% brighter and runs 33% longer than previous models. It also delivers over 1,000 hours of battery life (approximately equal to 200 long-life batteries) for optimum dependability.

For added convenience, the MagCharger can also operate on an AC or DC current.

Durably Constructed for a Lifetime of Use
The MagCharger features tempered aircraft anodized aluminum alloy construction that resists wear and tear, even after years of use. For additional protection, the self-cleaning on/off switch virtually eliminates oxidation, and high-grade O-rings at each opening resist water, shock, and other harsh environmental factors.

And with a cam-driven beam, tempered glass lens, and highly polished, scientifically designed metallic reflector, you you’ll always be sure to get bright, clear light. There’s even a backup halogen bulb stored securely in the tail cap, so you’ll always have illumination when you need it.

Serially numbered for easy identification, each MagCharger is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Maglite: An Icon of American Ingenuity
Prior to the introduction of the Maglite flashlight in 1979, flashlights were generally regarded as unreliable, throw-away items. That all changed when Anthony Maglica revolutionized the portable lighting industry with his unique technology. By combining superior design with reliability, durability, and an unprecedented lifetime warranty, Maglite produces reliable, iconic flashlights that are designed exclusively in the USA and are built by American workers.

What’s in the Box
Flashlight, charger, spare halogen lamp, rechargeable battery pack, two mounting brackets, 110-volt AC converter, and 12-volt DC cigarette lighter adapter.