Code Three

Code Three is an Official Publication of the Palm Beach County PBA, that is published and available to PBA members only. Members, PBA Representatives and their Alternates are encouraged to submit articles for printing. Code Three is published under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

Code Three is dedicated to the advancement of the law enforcement profession through better and stronger community relations. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinions of the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association.

Disclaimer: $12.00 of your dues per year is used for Political committee/Committee of Continuous Existence Funds. The PBA opened a Justice PAC and active, individually billed members will contribute $15.00 out of their dues to this PAC. If you choose not to give this amount, please notify the PBA in writing.

Submissions: Submit letters and articles to:

Palm Beach County PBA Code Three, 2100 North Florida Mango Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409-6400

Members or readers submitting letters to the editor or articles for publication are requested to adhere to the following: Letters and articles must be accompanied by the writer’s true name and address. The name, but not the address will be published with the article. All articles submitted for re-publication must be accompanied by a statement giving permission for the Code Three to republish the article. Unsigned letters and articles will not be used. The editor reserves the right to add an editor’s comment to any article or letter submitted.

Email all articles and ads request for Code Three to