PBA Banquet Hall – FAQ

Palm Beach County PBA Management, Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of your room?
60 x 60= 3,600 square feet
13ft height from floor to ceiling
15ft x 15ft dance floor

What is included with in the rental price?
Chairs and Tables (see brochure for additional information) Set-up and Breakdown, Dance floor. Police Officer or bartender/staff member when applicable.

How many people can be seated?
150 comfortably. Round tables seat 8 people per table comfortably, but can accommodate up to 10 per table.

Can I come in the day before to decorate?
NO, we have other events that go on and we want to give everyone their full rental time without interruption.  On the day of the event, the facility will be opened no earlier than 11:00 am. Once opened, you will be responsible for the security of the building until closing time. This means that there is always someone that needs to stay during the hours of the rental. There is a $50.00 fee for each response by management after the initial opening.
*If your event is during normal business hours, you cannot set up in the lobby until the office has closed.

Can I leave my things and pick them up the next day?
NO, the premises and everything you brought must be vacated by 12:00 a.m.

When is my final balance due?
Full payment is due two weeks prior to your event date.

Which payment methods do you accept?
Cash or check. A $40 fee will be charged if check is returned. Cash or Money order if check is returned for insufficient funds.

When is the refundable security deposit returned?
A $500.00 security deposit will be returned within 14 days if NO DAMAGE OCCURS and the premises in were left in good order and condition as stated in your contract. The rules are stated in the kitchen above the sink of how everything is to be left.

Am I allowed to sell alcohol?
NO alcoholic beverages will be permitted to be sold at any event including charities or non-profits.  You are responsible for bringing the alcohol you want to be served along with any glassware/plastic ware for the alcohol to be served in. We have the tools to open any alcohol product.
*Kegs and B.Y.O.B. are prohibited.

Do I need bartenders/staff members? What if I’m not serving alcohol?
Yes, a bartender is required if there is alcohol being served. Bartenders/staff members are required at a ratio of 1 per 75 people attending for a 5 hour event. If over 75 in attendance, 2 bartenders/staff members are required.

Bartender/Staff Member Fee – is $125.00 for 5 hours of service. ($75.00 for any additional hour)

Police Officer Fee – is $68.00 per hour. (Service is from the start of your event until your event ends)

*Police Officers are required for any events involving under age adults.

*If there is alcohol to be served and the majority of the people using the premises will be minors then the Renter/member shall employ an off duty police officer along with a bartender as well.

When do I pay the bar tenders or police officer?
Two weeks prior to the event.

What if I know someone who is a member, can they rent the facility for me?
Members are only allowed 1 rental per year. NO SUBLEASING is permitted under any circumstances.

Do I and/or my caterer have full use of the kitchen?
You have access to the microwave, 1 refrigerator, sinks and a hot box (trays in the hot box are to be cleaned if they are used). The stove or oven cannot be used under any circumstances.

What if my caterer does not clean the kitchen after use?
You will be subject to forfeiture of your deposit.

What if something is damaged?
Please report any damage as soon as possible. Failure to report damage could result in full forfeiture of your entire deposit.

What do I do with the garbage after my event?
All garbage should be tied in bags and placed in the black garbage bin that will be in the kitchen on the day of the event. If the garbage bin is full, then you can place additional garbage in the garage.
*No loose garbage in any garbage cans at any time.

Can I use real candles as part of my decorations?
NO open flames are permitted in the building. Battery candles are acceptable.

Can I place anything on the walls or ceiling?
NOTHING is to be placed on the walls, windows, doors, floors, or bar. No adhesives, nails or tacks of any kind are permitted. (Please see brochure for more information.)

What kind of decorations are or are not permitted?
No glitter, tacks, nails, tape, confetti, staples may be used anywhere in the building.  No adhesive appliques on floors!!! If we have found that you have used such items, you will be subject to forfeiture of your deposit. (Please see brochure for more information.)

Click HERE to print/view Frequently Asked Questions flyer.