Scent of Murder by James O. Born

Coming from Forge/MacMillan April 2015

James O. Born’s next novel, Scent of Murder, will be released on April 7th Jim is an agent with FDLE and long-time member of the PBA.

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Books and Books 4/14 (Coral Gables)

UCF Book Festival 4/18

Vero Beach Book Ctr 4/22

Haslam’s Books  4/25 (St Pete)

Murder on the Beach Book Store 5/1 (Delray Beach)

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From the book jacket:

“An established talent with a great new angle – irresistible.”—Lee Child

“Fantastic book! Scent of Murder is exciting, authentic and highly entertaining. Kudos to Jim Born!”   NYT bestseller Carla Neggers

Two years after being tossed from the detective bureau for his questionable tactics catching a child molester, deputy Tim Hallett’s life is finally on track.  Assigned to a special K-9 unit with the best partner in the world, a Belgian Malinois named Rocky, Hallett has finally learned to balance police work with his family life.  But that all changes in the heat of a Florida sugarcane field.

While searching for a kidnapper, Rocky locks on to the scent of a predator unlike anyone has ever seen.  Or have they?  The more Hallett digs, the closer he comes to the case that ended his career as a detective and appears to be the key to a series of kidnappings.

When the trail turns to murder, Hallett risks everything to catch the killer, even if it means clearing the child molester who drove him to violence and ruined his career.  Along the way, Hallett and his partners learn the true meaning of loyalty and courage as their canine partners take police work to a new level and show that instinct means more than training.

A realistic view of cops and canine’s lives from a veteran law enforcement agent and award-winning author, Scent of Murder takes the reader into the world of police service dogs in a way no other novel will.


“Jim Born is the real thing: a South Florida lawman with an authentic sound that puts you at the scene. Walking Money is a winner.”  -ELMORE LEONARD

“Top thrill-work . . .”- Kirkus Review 3/05

“Putting 17 years of service with various law enforcement agencies to excellent use, Born delivers a riveting, serpentine tale of crooked cops, police politics and a $1.5-million bag of money juggled from one pair of dishonest hands to another. . . . This is a terrific debut” – PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, 5/04

By the coauthor of Border War with Lou Dobbs

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