City of Boynton Beach – Letter to City Attorney James Cherof


As follow-up on our brief discussion regarding the referenced matter this past Monday, October 27, 2014, I have been directed to request we reconvene collective bargaining with regard to the three (3) bargaining units currently in status quo since October 1, 2013, and to provide you with the PBA’s offer.

When the Parties convene, the PBA’s offer will be as follows for all 3 Collective Bargaining Agreements: status quo with regard to all Articles currently in effect, with the exception of the Agreements’ respective “Wages” Articles ; and, seven percent (7%) increases to wages across-the-board for all bargaining units members effective upon ratification.

Should the City come to the table with the 3 draft Agreements incorporating the PBA’s offer, above, we will be prepared to tentatively agree. Please contact my Assistant, Angela, so that date, time, and place mutually convenient for our collective bargaining may be set.


Gary Lippman
General Counsel

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